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Downsizing for Dummies 

Downsizing for Dummies

Are you one of the thousands of people in New Jersey considering downsizing over the next decade – whether to a smaller home here in Bergen County, a senior-living community or moving across country? Overwhelmed by all of your possessions accumulated over many years or just don’t know how you might make your home more appealing to today’s younger buyers?

This class-room inspired workshop showed students de-cluttering, organizing and staging techniques that can mean a care-free, stress-free move and thousands more in the sale of a home. The RSM team also discussed how to show off a home’s space and architectural features, avoid critical maintenance issues, learn the “8 Deadly Pricing Myths.”

Maximize the Dollars, Minimize the Stress, and Move!  


This workshop helped prospective sellers discover how to connect with buyers and make them fall in love with their homes.  The ReadyStageMove™ team demonstrated what home staging is and how simple de-personalizing, de-cluttering and organizing techniques can mean thousands more on the sale of your home. They also shared the 8 Deadly Pricing Myths. 



Spend a $1, Make $10
(When you property prepare your home for sale . . . )

staged_homeIf you are selling your home in the next few years, or just want to know what “quick fixes” will bring up the value of your property, learn which home improvements will net you the most money and at the same time provide the best return on your investment. You don’t need to spend a fortune in major renovations in order to list your property.

A few wisely spent dollars and/or a little “sweat equity” will do. Come learn the organizing, staging and selling tips and tricks from ReadyStageMove™ prior to placing a “For Sale” sign in your front lawn.

Donate, Discard & Design

junkHave you just sold your home or would like to fall in love again with the one you have? Donate, Discard & Design what it takes to make your house a home. ReadyStageMove will show you how to create warm, inviting spaces that beautifully function and function beautifully. They will also provide recommend resources to get the work done knowledgeably . . . affordably . . . expertly. They will provide creative ideas on how to use what you may already have in new and unexpected ways providing a cohesive, livable and lovable space. Learn about color, furniture placement, organizing systems that work for you.

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