Q: What is the ReadyStageMove™ system?

A: ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) is a system that uses a team approach for professionals involved in the real estate industry, and who work synergistically when selling a client’s house. Working together, this group of service professionals ensures that a home is fixed up, organized and staged properly to sell quickly and for more profit. The RSM™ system includes our entire game plan, starting with our comprehensive kit.

Q: Who should use ReadyStageMove™?

A: Professionals in the real estate, organizing and home staging fields who:

  • Are looking for a method to help their clients organize, stage and sell their homes for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.
  • Understand the value of a referral-based business.
  • Want to retain clients beyond one transaction.
  • Want to build a relationship with their clients and their colleagues.
  • Are ready to take their business to the next level.

Q: Why build strategic partnerships?

A: Here’s why:

  • It expands your level of expertise – be viewed as the “home expert” beyond your particular profession.
  • You serve as an information hub, which keeps you top of mind for homeowners and other professionals.
  • It provides learning and mentoring opportunities both for you and those you partner with.
  • You become greater than the sum of your parts.

Q: What if I don’t have “strategic partners”?

A: The ReadyStageMove™Kitwill show you how to find strategic partners, how to evaluate them and how to develop your own working relationships and systems—along with ReadyStageMove’s™ growing directory of professionals.

Q: How will my strategic partners help earn me more clients?

A: You provide continued value to your clients by referring them to other terrific service providers, and as a resource, you stay top of mind with them. National Association of Realtors® research shows that 90% of buyers and 84% of sellers would use their agent again but most agents do not keep in touch with past clients!

Q: Why do you need a team?

A: Homeowners, who are often stressed out and overwhelmed by the thought of making a move, want one point of contact to get their home ready for sale (you). But you’ll need other professionals to work with to get it done as smoothly as possible. This happens when you partner with a team of professionals who are all working towards the same goal. With the right team that works together well, each project becomes easier with time and requires less effort. And better still, each member can become a great referral source.

Q: Why Repeat and Referral Clients?

A: There is no better client than a referred client who comes to you from a trusted source. When they meet with you, the trust level is already very high, with a lot less “selling” than you have to do with a stranger. Plus, price is always less of a factor when you are referred.

Q: How do you convince clients to use this method?

A: First and foremost, you need to believe that building proper alliances with seasoned professionals will help you do the best job for your client. This will also lead to higher profits and more referred business for you. REMEMBER: If you’re sold, it will be easy to sell it to your clients.

Q: What is included in my ReadyStageMove™ kit?

A: Items included are:

  • Complete How-to Guide
  • PowerPoint templates for presentations to your clients or potential partners
  • Check lists for presentations to home sellers and for public speaking
  • Case study information
  • Strategic partnership ideas, tips, tricks, templates to help you find and vet the best potential partners
  • Collateral materials
  • Helpful resource list
  • Downloadable, updated materials
  • Access to RSM webinars
  • Website link to ReadyStageMove™  members (upon verification)
  • Alumni program after your first year on the RSM directory, including online community and in person get-togethers, webinars, member calls, lunch & learns and hands-on training

All materials in your kit may be customized with your company name and logo.

Q: How do I promote the ReadyStageMove™ method?

A: Just like any other business you would promote — through your word, advertising, SEO, networking, marketing and database. We’ve also included an opportunity to print your own Before & After Book of photos to show to any prospective partner (or client) plus PowerPoint slide show with your strategic partners at:

  • Libraries
  • Adult schools
  • Adult living communities and senior residences
  • Client events
  • Women’s clubs

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: To do the presentation, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint, a laptop computer and a projector. Many libraries, clubs, schools or other facilities will have a projector that you can use.

Q: I’m having difficulty uploading my logo to the directory. What am I doing wrong?

A: All images must be in jpg, png, or gif format.

Q: Is my PowerPoint presentation customizable?

A: Yes. All of the ReadyStageMove™ materials you receive will be customizable.

Q: How much does ReadyStageMove™ cost? 

A: Your investment in ReadyStageMove™ will allow you to build the strategic partnerships with other professionals that will propel your business to the next level. This will also lead to higher profits and more referred business for you. Think of what it’s costing you to not have smooth, seamless transactions that net the most profit in record time. Click BUY NOW for more information or to get started.

Q: Can’t I just do this myself?

A: Maybe. But we’ve been building this system since 2005,making it easy and seamless in order to save you time with your business ramp-up. It’s always evolving and you’ll get free updates. And you get the directory listings, more visibility and the opportunity to save on our informative webinars.

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