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What is ReadyStageMove™?

Once upon a time in New Jersey, a REALTOR®, a professional organizer and a home staging specialist came together and developed a synergistic approach to getting a home sold. Together, they realized that their passions and methodologies, when combined, enabled home sellers to minimize their stress and maximize the return on their most important investment. They created a system to help others in their fields do the same and that’s how ReadyStageMove™ was formed.

Our Founders

The original founders of ReadyStageMove™ (RSM) are Bernadette Flaim, Jean Marie Herron and Maria Rini, with almost 40 years of combined experience to the real estate, organizing and staging industries. The homes they partnered on sold in less time and for more profit, even in the most difficult of markets. The efficient methods they employed in selling, organizing and staging became the ReadyStageMove™ System, which they implemented when either working together or with other strategic partners, as part of a team approach of real estate agent, home stager and professional organizer.

Today, ReadyStageMove™ is owned and operated by Bernadette Flaim, who now works with a variety of successful Realtors™ and other valued strategic partners throughout the Northern New Jersey area. They continue to work with Maria Rini, from the Welcome Home Team, who often joins her associates for live public presentations.

Bernadette Flaim, Accredited Home Staging Specialist and RESA-PRO™

Bernadette Flaim is an accredited, certified home staging professional, and founder and principal designer of The Flaim Group LLC. She has been in the home staging and interior redesign industry since 2004 and is a RESA-PRO, specializing in vacant properties and luxury homes. She also provides interior redesign services, including one-day room makeovers and color consultations. Bernadette ispast President of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) – NJ Chapter.


What we do today at ReadyStageMove™

Today, Bernadette’s combines her organizing skills and home staging expertise providing consultations and a variety of packages for both homeowners and Realtors® who are looking to increase their profits on property sales.

In addition to assisting homeowners and agents in preparing properties for sale BEFORE they go on the market, RSM™ also provides services for those people who are not moving, but simply want to live in home that functions beautifully and beautifully functions. We call these our “design to dwell” packages — found here.




Property #1
The ReadyStageMove team came to my rescue in the spring of 2014. My godmother had passed away and I was responsible for getting her co-op apartment ready for sale. Jean Marie Herron, Bernadette Flaim, and Maria Rini worked together to organize, stage and sell the apartment. I was amazed by their collaborative approach. Although I was ultimately responsible for completion of the project, there was very little work for me to do. I was blessed to have this dream team in my life at an extremely difficult time. Through their efforts, the apartment was turned into a warm, charming space and was sold within 2 months.

Jean Marie H. – Mahwah, NJ

Property #2

I recently began to think about downsizing to prepare my home for sale. Although I am not planning to move in the immediate future, I am seriously considering a move in the near future. I called upon the ReadyStageMove team to assist me in setting up a plan. The result has been phenomenal. I am once again beginning to enjoy my home as Jean Marie helps me to purge and streamline my possessions. JM has taught me how to cherish the memories, live in the moment and let go of that which no longer serves a purpose in my life. Through her wisdom and support, I have learned to discard the useless and donate the useful. My home is beginning to reflect who I am at this time in my life and I am at peace.

Bernadette is like a breath of fresh air. She works with me selecting items I own and reworking them to create a new and updated look; she has helped me to appreciate my personal treasures and the memories associated with them. Every time she enters my home with her magic wand, I begin to feel the excitement of a new homeowner.

Now when I am ready to make a move, all the hard work will be done. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if I really want to move!

Carol S. – Teaneck, NJ

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